07 avril 2017


We have gone to the great barrier reef. We have done a scuba diving for seen fish and corals. It's very beautiful, it's a more beautiful place I have ever seen. We have seen different spacies to fish and corals. It is the very good experience but we have been scared and cold. We have looked the corals while hours because it's very beautiful. The great barrier reef is part of seven wonders of the world.
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06 avril 2017

killy minogue

We met killy minogue in sydney. We talked to her about career as a singer! She told us that she was an actress and a business woman. she invited us to the first lodge of her next concert in sydney!
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05 avril 2017

Parliament House of Victoria

    We went to Melbourn in Australia, We have visited the Parliament House of Victoria. It's the biggest building I have ever visited. He is next to S pring Street in EST of the city. He have creat in 1855. It' the oldest building I have ever seen.
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04 avril 2017

The cutest animal is the koala

Koalas in Australia ~ John Sokoloff (HD)   In Austalia I saw koalas. they live next to the sea and in trees. It's the cutest animal I have ever seen. Koala climb trees very slowly. the slowest animal I have ever encountered. It's a grey animal and it is very very cute. it is soft.
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